Wool Rug

Wool Rug
Hand spun and woven in Kutch, India using local sheep wool.
100% WOOL ( only warp is COTTON)
Hand spun and woven

Attention: Hand-wash with water or lukewarm water (under 30℃)using a mild detergent.
Do not soak. wash separately. Shape garment and leave to dry. Do not use harsh detergents that contain alkaline soap, bleaches or brightener.Due to natural characteristics of wool some degree of shrinkage may occur when item is washed.

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  • カッチの職人の手によって織り上げられたラグはインドのカッチ地方にて織られました。
  • Hand spun by local artisan.
  • Set the loom to prepare weaving.
  • We use machine spun cotton yarns for warp according pushing hard when artisan weave rugs.
  • The loom set up under the ground to sit down. start weaving as rhythmically.