Moonrise shawl -Black-

Moonrise shawl -Black-
This products made in Bagru India, were printed by hand using blocks, also using vegetable and mineral dyes known as tradition of Bagru printing.

Our products were sustainable items due to using solar power.
30% Silk
70% Cotton

Only dry clean. Shape garment and leave to dry, Avoid sunlight when it wet. Do not leave wetting.

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  • We were looking for the factory where using traditional method of vegetable dye at the first researching journey in India. It was heard to find the factory on food, however finally we found artisan who has enthusiasm of vegetable print.

    Reach to the place " Bagru" village is away from Jaipur around one hour by national bus.
    In the morning of our production start 8:30am at the heart of Bagru in the front of bus stop when we were there. Vintage three wheeled vehicle pick us up on the way to studio with artisans.
    Once all set up was finished, the sound of printing has been started as if it like music.
  • Dyestuff creating with sugar, lime, also old nail/ horseshoe into the pod for several weeks. It come out as black colour with next step of harda colour. It is nature chemical reaction.
  • In the mean time, fabric need to soak in water with "Harda" is prepared from fruit (Myrobalan) seed powder. It is dried in the field under the strong sunlight.
  • Preparing stamp pad. there is layer of fabrics inside of it, artisan adjust the fabric quantity when design are sensitive.
  • Finally, printing stated with the beautiful rhythmical sound.