Abstract Cushion Cover

Abstract Cushion Cover
This products are dyed by artisan who got the prize from indian government.
We designed this colour patchwork for giving expression of beautiful colour shade.

Attention: Hand-wash with water or lukewarm water (under 30℃)using a mild detergent.
Do not soak. wash separately.
Shape garment and leave to dry, Avoid sunlight due to vegetable dye.
Do not use harsh detergents that contain alkaline soap, bleaches or brightener.

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      The order products will be send out within 7 days
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  • I visited here because of the person who deal with KHADI introduce me.

    It was adventure to reach here, because I do not know how long will it take and the way. however I was very impressed once I got to the studio, amazingly looks as if Laboratory! where specialized for natural colours. He explain what kind of indigo he normally use and explained me there is fake indigo in India. It means cemical indigo with pure indigo plants.

    We are honor to work with such a professional artisans.
  • Indigo dye ingredients was sugar, lime, indigo in the pot leaving for more than week. it separated the dye-liquid to the container make light indigo colour.
  • Depends on the season, it need boil to be ferment dyestuff.

  • mills products is dyed by amazing artisan.