Hungary Cushion Cover

45x45 front 
45x45 front 
Hungary Cushion Cover
This products are made by Hungarian artisan who handed traditional dye down for costume for a long time.
100% Cotton

Woven and Printed in Hungary.
Made in Japan

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  • I was immediately fall in love with beautiful fabric at antique market in U.K.

    I strongly wanted to see the factory, so searched on internet then found one phone number. I felt it is like kind of destiny to go there at the time. In the Hungary, the person who working at the hotel helped to phone him, taught me the way to the factory.

    I could not forgot the moment when I stood at in front of blue door, also I was so excited of this adventure. He opened the door and say the word that I could not understand. but I tried to explain "I am japanese who want to see the factory", then he smiled and let me in. Artisan explained all of the process enthusiastically. I could not understand the language but I feel we understood the mind and words each other. because I felt we has same passion for the fabric.

    One more amazing fact is using blocks as it in India. It is known as ancient technique.
  • Using wooden block to print the glue on the fabric.
  • It are socked in the indigo pod when it perfectly dried. dye and soaked for many times to make beautiful dark blue.
    Washing to drop the glue, the pattern come out on the fabric.